Monte Rosso

Monte Rosso is a lightly sparkling drink inspired by the classic Italian aperitivos.

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COMPLEX AND ENTICING Blending bittersweet notes of wild mountain cranberry and rowanberry, fragrant botanicals, and extracts of summer fruits and citrus, Monte Rosso radiates Italian sophistication.


UN APERITIVO ELEGANTE Let Monte Rosso transport you to the vibrant Italian terrazze as friends gather for the traditional aperitivo - a chance to unwind and anticipate the evening ahead. Salute!

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Cubed Ice

175ml Monte Rosso

Slice of ripe orange

Experience our crisp, complex blend of wild mountain berries, handpicked botanicals and fruit extracts, with a touch of citrus for an enticingly zesty finish.

Pour over Ice in a large Copa glass, and garnish with a freshly cut slice of orange.

Cubed Ice

35ml Citrus lead gin

175ml Grapefruit syrup

Grapefruit sherbet(to rim the glass)

The incomparable combination of Monte Rosso and gin, for an irresistibly sophisticated aperitif.

Rim a large rocks glass with Grapefruit flavoured sherbet. Mix, gin, syrup and Monte Rosso in a mixing glass. Add ice to prep-prepared glass and pour over the mixed aperitif.

Garnet Sling
Cubed ice

35ml Red Vermouth

175ml Monte Rosso

Green Olives

The union of Monte Rosso and aromatic red Vermouth delivers deep botanical flavours for a complex and vibrant light cocktail.

Combine the Monte Rosso and vermouth over ice in a cut glass wine goblet and garnish with 3 green olives on a cocktail skewer.

Monte Rosso bottle and Scegliere cocktail

LEGGERISSIMO At only 94 calories per bottle, you can enjoy the intense and refreshing taste of Monte Rosso until the last drop.

Italian Terrazza


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